• DPRR at Digital Humanities 2015

    The DPRR project was introduced to the Digital Humanities community through a poster presented at the International Digital Humanities 2015 conference (DH2015) in early July 2015) in Sydney Australia. The poster presented the overall aims of the project, provided a sample of the questions it was intended to support and the sources from which it was getting its data.  It introduced some of the issues that arise in turning references to people into digital surrogates ...

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  • Welcome to our blog!

    Much of what the DPRR project team has done so far has concerned getting T.R.S. Broughton's 3-volume work, 'The Magistrates of the Roman Republic' (MRR) transferred to an electronic database. The task is easier said than done, considering that we also needed to design this database - one that it would not only reflect MRR, but would also allow for the additional information from other sources to be incorporated in the future. 

    Currently ...

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