FURI0110 P. Furius (69) Medullinus Fusus


  • Patrician

Life Dates

  • 464, death - violent (Broughton MRR I) Expand

    KIA, against Hernici.


brother of
Sp. Furius (71) Medullinus Fusus (cos. 464) (RE)


  • Consul 472 (Broughton MRR I) Expand
    • In Pinarius' name above are combined the indications given in Liv. and Dion. Hal., Diod. ({Gr}), and Chr. 354 (Rutus-Rufus; cf. 489). That of Furius is partially preserved in Fast. Cap. and Chr. Pasc., while Medullinus is inserted on the analogy of the names of the Consuls of 480 and 474. In Diod. is found {Gr} (or {Gr}). (Broughton MRR I)
    • Liv. 2.56.1; Diod. 11.66.1; Fast. Cap. ([- - - -F]usus); Dion. Hal. 9.40.1; Chr. 354 (Ruto et Volsco); Fast. Hyd. (Pinario et Fusco); Chr. Pasc. ({Gr}); Cassiod.; Degrassi 24f., 90, 356f. A law mentioning intercalation is dated by Varro under this consulship (Macrob. Sat. 1.13.21; Gaius 4.15; but by Hanell, Altrömische Eponyme Amt [102f., 202] to 432). On Pinarius, see Lübker no. 3. (Broughton MRR I)
  • Triumvir Agro Dando 467 (Broughton MRR I) Expand
    • Assigned the land to the colonists at Antium (Liv. 3.1.6; Dion. Hal. 9.59.2). (Broughton MRR I)
  • Legatus (Lieutenant) 464 Hernican territory (Broughton MRR I) Expand
    • Killed in battle while serving under his brother the Consul (Liv. 3.5.6-11; Dion. Hal. 9.63.5-6). (Broughton MRR I)