POST1728 A. Postumius (33, cf. 32, 34) Albinus


  • Patrician
  • Nobilis Expand

    VM. 9.8.3

Life Dates

  • 142?, birth (Sumner Orators) Expand

    Sumner R94 (before 142), Develin p. 90 (by 151).

  • 89, death - violent (Broughton MRR II) Expand

    Murdered in mutiny.


son of
? A. Postumius (31) A. f. A. n. Albinus (cos. 151) (Zmeskal 2009)
brother of
Sp. Postumius (45) Albinus (cos. 110) (Zmeskal 2009) Expand

Flor. I 36.9, Oros. V 15.6, Sall. Iug. 44.4

adoptive father of
D. Iunius (55a, Supb. 5.369) D. f. D. n. Brutus Albinus (cos. desig. 43) (Zmeskal 2009) Expand

Cic. Att. XII 22.2

? D. Iunius (46) D. f. M. n. Brutus (cos. 77) (Zmeskal 2009) Expand

Cic. Att. 12.22.2


  • Praetor before 110 (Brennan 2000) Expand
    • Probably already a praetorian when he was legatus. p. 743, footnote 175. See also p. 540. Broughton notes that the latest possible date under the lex Villia is 102. (Brennan 2000)
  • Legatus (Lieutenant) 110 Numidia (Broughton MRR I) Expand
    • Served under his brother the Consul in Numidia, where he was defeated by Jugurtha when left in charge of the army as legatus pro praetore, and compelled to surrender and to save his forces by consenting to an ignominious peace (Sall. Iug. 36.3; 37-39; 44.4; Liv. Per. 64; Flor. 1.36.9; Eutrop. 4.26.3; Oros. 5.15.6). See Lübker no. 5. (Broughton MRR I)
    • Cos. 99. Leg., lieut. 110. In MRR 1.544, refer also to Schol. Bern. on Lucan 4.319320, p. 131U; Sall. Iug. 55.1; Ammian. 25.9.11; Veget. RM 3.10, p. 93, 8 Lang. Münzer (RE no. 32, cf. 33, 34) holds that this disgrace ended the legate's career, and so he should not be identified with the consul of 99 (33) or with Sulla's legate in 89 (34). Note however that there is no record that this Postumius was among the persons condemned by the Mamilian Commission, and that in 100 the unusual circumstances of the elections for 99 might have enabled him to press his claim to advancement (see also Sumner, Orators 83-84). Because of the age group with which he is listed in Cic. Brut. 135, Sumner suggests that he had been praetor by 111 and was a praetorius when he was legate of his brother in 110, this in preference to 102, the latest possible date (MRR 1.568), and thus had a better chance when he came late and unexpectedly to the consular elections for 99. (Broughton MRR III)
  • Consul 99 (Broughton MRR II) Expand
    • CIL 1².2.680; Cic. P. Red. ad Quir. 11; Fast. Cap., Degrassi 55f., 128, 478f.; Plin. NH 8.19; Gell. 4.6.1-2; Obseq. 46; Chr. 354 (Antonino et Albino); Fast. Hyd.; Chr. Pasc.; Cassiod.; on Antonius, I. de Delos 4.1.1700; App. BC 1.32; Apul. Apol. 17; and on Postumius, Grueber, CRRBM 1.509. Antonius opposed the agrarian law of Titius (Cic. De Or. 2.48, cf. 2.265; 3.10; see Tribunes of the Plebs). (Broughton MRR II)
  • Legatus (Lieutenant) 89 Italia (Broughton MRR II) Expand
    • A Legate under Sulla (Liv. Per. 75). Killed while in command of a fleet by his own soldiers, who went unpunished (Liv. Per. 75; Val. Max. 9.8.3; Plut. Sull. 6.9; Polyaen. 8.9.1; Oros. 5.18.22, vir comularis). (Broughton MRR II)