LICI1759 L. Licinius (103) Lucullus

Life Dates

  • 102?, exiled (Kelly 2006) Expand

    No record of restoration. Kelly no. 20.


son of
? L. Licinius (102) Lucullus (cos. 151) (Brennan 2000)
married to
Caecilia (132) Metella (daughter of? L. Caecilius (83) Q. f. L. n. Metellus Calvus (cos. 142)) (Zmeskal 2009) Expand

Cic. Verr. II iv 147

father of
? M. Terentius (Licinius 109) M. f. Varro Lucullus (cos. 73) (DPRR Team)
L. Licinius (104) L. f. L. n. Lucullus Ponticus (cos. 74) (Zmeskal 2009) Expand

Cic. acad. II 1

? M. Licinius (109) Lucullus (son of? L. Licinius (103) Lucullus (pr. 104)) (Zmeskal 2009)


  • Praetor 104 urbanus?, inter peregrinos?, Rome, Campania, Sicilia (Broughton MRR I) Expand
    • Lucullus' date is indicated by the succession of magistrates in Sicily during the second revolt of the slaves. See 103, Promagistrates. (Broughton MRR I)
    • Received command against the slaves at Capua who revolted under Minucius (Diod. 36.2.2-6). (Broughton MRR I)
    • p. 746, footnote 242 (Brennan 2000)
  • Propraetor 103 Sicilia (Broughton MRR I) Expand
    • Held command, probably as Propraetor ({Gr}, Diod.; praetorii exercitus, Flor.; see 104, Praetors) in Sicily against the slaves (Diod. 36.8.1-8; Flor. 2.7.10-11, who reverses the order of Lucullus and his successor Servilius). He was accused of peculation by an Augur named Servilius, and went into exile (Diod. 36.8.5, and 9.1; Plut. Luc. 1.1; see 102, Praetors, on Servilius). (Broughton MRR I)