SEMP1820 L. Sempronius (18) Asellio?


  • Praetor c. 93 Sicilia (Brennan 2000) Expand
    • 3 In Diodorus the name appears as #, but a gens of that name is unknown. Klein (59f., no. 65) and Münzer (RE) plausibly use his association with C. (Sempronius) Longus on his staff (see Legates) to reconstruct the name given above. His governorship, whether as Praetor or Propraetor (#, Diod.), must be dated after that of Scaevola in Asia (Diod.; see 97, Promagistrates) and before the tribunate of Livius Drusus (see 91, Tribunes of the Plebs). The indications favor the earliest possible date after the end of the slave revolt, so I have listed him in 96 rather than 94 (RE). (Broughton MRR II)
    • Praised in Diodorus (37.8.1-4) for restoring Sicily after the revolt of the slaves. (Broughton MRR II)
    • Praetor. See MRR 2.9, and 10, note 3. His governorship in Sicily is subsequent to that of Mucius Scaevola in Asia (Diod. 37.8.1-4; Badian, PACA 11, 1968, 2-3; and cf. above, on Mucius, RE no. 22). (Broughton MRR III)
    • p. 747, footnote 263 (Brennan 2000)
  • Decemvir Agris Dandis Assignandis? 91 (Broughton MRR II) Expand
    • This list, found at Vibo (CIL 10.44, and p. 1003), is interpreted by Cichorius (RS 116-125) to be a list of land commissioners appointed under the law of Livius Drusus. (Broughton MRR II)
    • 10 Cichorius' interpretation of this inscription remains uncertain both as to the meaning of the list and as to the restorations suggested for a number of the names. He is probably mistaken in suggesting C. Iulius L. f. Caesar, who was a commissioner ca. 100 (see 100, Special Commissions). (Broughton MRR II)