VALE0022 M'. Valerius (65) M. f. Volus. n.


  • Patrician


son of
M. Valerius (74) Volus. f. (Volusus)? (cos. 505) (RE)
brother of
Volus. Valerius (90) (son of M. Valerius (74) Volus. f. (Volusus)? (cos. 505)) (RE)
L. Valerius (380) M. f. Volus. n. Potitus (cos. 483) (RE)


  • Dictator? 501 (Broughton MRR I) Expand
    • Authorities are agreed that Larcius was the first Dictator but disagree regarding his date. Livy follows the "most ancient authors" in choosing 501, but finds few events to tell in that year. Cicero gives only round numbers, "about ten years." Dion. Hal. in a long account (5.70.1-77.6) places the dictatorship in Larcius' second consulship in 498, and accordingly dates the battle of Lake Regillus in 496 (cf. Liv. 2.21.3-4). Varro (in Macrob. 1.8.1) stated that Larcius as Dictator dedicated the temple of Saturn, an event which Livy dates in 497 (2.21.1; cf. Wissowa 205), while Dion. Hal. (6.1.4) shows that one tradition connected Larcius with the founding, and another connected Cominius with the dedication. Livy's scheme is followed here. On the law creating the dictatorship, see Rotondi, p. 191. (Broughton MRR I)
    • His name is rejected by Livy in virtue of Larcius' law that only consulars should be appointed to a dictatorship. He is named in Festus (216 L). See Münzer, Gent. Val. 18ff., and 25; Degrassi 88, 350f. (Broughton MRR I)