AQUI2256 C. Aquillius (23) Gallus


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    Nicolet Ref 30. praetor


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P. Quinctius? (53) Scapula (related to C. Aquillius (23) Gallus (pr. 66)) (Zmeskal 2009) Expand

Cic. Quinct. 17


  • Praetor 66 ambitus (Broughton MRR II) Expand
    • 2 As in the list of Praetors given in 67, only eight of the nine listed above can have held the praetorship in 66. None can be later; three, Caesonius, Cornificius, and Sulpicius Galba, may be earlier, while the date of Varinius depends upon the correct order of the governors of Asia. (Broughton MRR II)
    • Cic. Cluent. 147; Off. 3.60; Top. 32; cf. ND 3.74; Att. 1.1.1; and on his cognomen, Cic. Brut. 154. (Broughton MRR II)
    • Senator by 70. The C. Gallus (MRR 2.491), senator and advisor of one of Verres' victims (Cic. Verr. 2.3.151), whom Münzer doubtfully identifies with C. Gallius, perhaps a legatus under Antonius Creticus (SIG(3) 748, Gytheum), may more probably be identified with the famous jurist C. Aquillius Gallus (23). Pr. 66 (Badian, Gnomon 33, 1961, 496; Wiseman, NM 281, no. 536). (Broughton MRR III)
    • p. 753, footnote 410 (Brennan 2000)