CAEC2263 L. Caecilius (110) L. f. Rufus


brother of
P. Cornelius (386) Sulla (cos. desig. 66) (Zmeskal 2009) Expand

Cic. ad Q. fr. III 3.2, Cic. Sull. 62


  • Quaestor 66 (Broughton MRR II) Expand
    • CIL 12.2.761-ILS 880. The date is conjectural, based on the dates of his tribunate (63) and his praetorship (57). (Broughton MRR II)
  • Tribunus Plebis 63 (Broughton MRR II) Expand
    • Elogium, CIL 12.2.761-ILS 880. Proposed a bill to restore civil rights to P. Autronius Paetus and P. Cornelius Sulla (Cic. Sull. 62-66, cf. Leg. Agr. 2.10; Dio 37.25.3). Promised to veto the bill of Rullus (see below). (Broughton MRR II)
    • p. 257-63 (Thommen 1989)
  • Praetor 57 urbanus, Rome (Broughton MRR II) Expand
    • CIL 12.2.761; Cic. P. Red. in Sen. 22; Mil. 38; Ascon. 48 C. (Broughton MRR II)
    • p. 754, footnote 458 (Brennan 2000)
  • Proconsul 56 Sicilia? (Broughton MRR II) Expand
    • Proconsul (CIL12.2.761), probably of Sicily, since it is unlikely that the other province whose governor for this year remains unknown, Crete and Cyrene, would receive a governor with an imperium pro consule. (Broughton MRR II)