CORN2663 L. Cornelius (107) Cinna


  • Patrician

Life Dates

  • 82, proscribed (Hinard 1985) Expand

    Possibly proscribed? As a senator? Hinard 82 no. 17

  • 43, proscribed (Hinard 1985) Expand

    Possibly proscribed? Hinard 43 no. 46


son of
1 ? Annia (101) (daughter of? T. Annius (78) T. f. T. n. Rufus (cos. 128)) (DPRR Team)
L. Cornelius (106) L. f. L. n. Cinna (cos. 87) (RE)
brother of
? Cornelia (414) (daughter of L. Cornelius (106) L. f. L. n. Cinna (cos. 87)) (DPRR Team)
Cornelia (413) (daughter of L. Cornelius (106) L. f. L. n. Cinna (cos. 87)) (Zmeskal 2009) Expand

App. b.c. II 121 (509)

? M. Pupius (11, 12) M. f. M. n. Piso Frugi (pr. 44) (DPRR Team)
married to
Pompeia (54) (daughter of Cn. Pompeius (31) Cn. f. Sex. n. Clu. Magnus (cos. 70)) (Zmeskal 2009) Expand

Dio LV 14.1

father of
Cn. Cornelius (108) Cinna Magnus (son of L. Cornelius (107) Cinna (pr. 44)) (Zmeskal 2009) Expand

Sen. De Clem. 1.9.2, Dio 55.14.1

? -. Cornelius (104) Cinna (q. 44) (RE)


  • Officer (Title Not Preserved) 77 (Spann 1987) Expand
    • Joined Sertorians in 77, after Lepidan tumult, services in Spain not recorded (Spann 1987)
  • Praetor 44 provincia declined (Broughton MRR II) Expand
    • Though probably not one of the conspirators (despite Plut. Caes. 68.3; see Dio 44.50.4; Zonar. 10. 12), this brother of Caesar's first wife joined the conspirators and took off the insignia of his praetorship since they were the gift of a tyrant (Val. Max. 9.9.1; Suet. Iul. 85; Plut. Brut. 18.6-7; 20.5-6; App. BC 2.121), but when he resumed them for the Senate meeting of March 17 he required the protection of Lepidus (App. BC 2.126, cf. 137). He became such an object of hatred to the crowd at Caesar's funeral that they killed a Tribune named Cinna by mistake for him (see Tribunes of the Plebs). He sponsored the recall of Caesetius and Marullus (see Tribunes of the Plebs; Nic. Dam. Vit. Caes. 22, FGrH 2A.406) after Caesar's death, and in the Senate meeting on November 28 refused to share in the allotment of provinces (Cic. Phil. 3.25). (Broughton MRR II)