MANL2725 A. Manlius (72) Torquatus


  • Patrician

Life Dates

  • 43, proscribed (Hinard 1985) Expand

    Hinard 43 no. 85


son of
A.? Manlius (76) A. f. Torquatus (pr.? before 68) (RE)
Manlia (107) (daughter of T. Manlius (85) T. f. Torquatus (pr. before 55)) (RE)
brother of
T. Manlius (86) Torquatus (son of A.? Manlius (76) A. f. Torquatus (pr.? before 68)) (RE)


  • Quaestor 43 Gallia Cisalpina (Broughton MRR II) Expand
    • Quaestor of the Consul Pansa, whose camp he prepared in good time at Forum Gallorum (App. BC 3.69). Pansa at his death transferred his troops to Manlius and he to Decimus Brutus (App. BC 3.76). He arrested the physician Glyco on suspicion of having poisoned Pansa (Cic. Ad Brut. 1.6.2; cf. Suet. Aug. 11.1; Tac. Ann. 1.10). (Broughton MRR II)
  • Officer (Title Not Preserved) 42 (DPRR Team) Expand
    • Nep. Att. 11.2. At Philippi, sent aid by his friend Atticus following the defeat. (DPRR Team)