PUBL3068 Q. (Publicius)? (13?) Mall(eolus)?


  • Proquaestor Pro Propraetore? before 100 to after 31 (Broughton MRR III) Expand
    • An inscription found in Ephesus on a statue base honors a Q. Publicius Q. f.,[175] proquaestore propraetore (D. Knibbe and B. Iplikcioglu, JOEAI 53, 1981-82 [1983], 141, no. 147), who may perhaps be identified with Q. Publicius, praetor 67 (see above), and represents him at an earlier stage in his career. The editors suggest that he served in Asia with Lucullus, and refer, in spite of the interval of several years, to the statue mentioned in Cic. QF 1.2.14 as decreed but not yet authorized. (Broughton MRR III)