FABI0322 K. Fabius (42, cf. 39, 48) M. f. Q. n. Ambustus


  • Patrician
  • Nobilis Expand

    Liv. 5.36.6


son of
M. Fabius (162) (Q. f. M. n.) Vibulanus (cos. 442) (RE)
brother of
? N. Fabius (45) M. f. Q. n. Ambustus (tr. mil. c. p. 406) (DPRR Team)
father of
M. Fabius (43) K. f. M. n. Ambustus (tr. mil. c. p. 381) (RE)


  • Quaestor 409 (Broughton MRR I) Expand
    • The first plebeians to hold the office (Liv. 4.54.2-3). (Broughton MRR I)
  • Tribunus Militum Consulari Potestate 404 (Broughton MRR I) Expand
    • On the filiation of Sergius, see Fast. Cap. on 402; his praenomen M. in Livy (Manlium ED) is corrected to M'. in Conway and Walters edition from Fast. Cap. The filiation of Cornelius Maluginensis is based on the assumption that the Mil. Tr. c. p. of 397 was his son, that of Cossus on Fast. Cap. on 401. In the case of Fabius, Livy probably follows a tradition different from that of Fast. Cap. and Diod., since he has the praenomen C. and treats Kaeso's Military Tribunate in 401 as his first, while they have K. and {Gr}, respectively, and Fast. Cap. treats the office in 401 as his second. In the name of Nautius, Livy's Rutilius is an error for Rutilus and the word "iterum" is equally an error since Livy lists him under 419 and 416. In Diod. the sixth name, instead of Cossus, is {Gr} (add. F). (Broughton MRR I)
    • Liv. 4.61.4; Diod. 14.19.1; Fast. Cap. ([- -Mal]uginensis; [- -Cos]sus II; [- -Amb]ustus; Nautius entire, and Valerius also, except for [L.] f., with numeral III after each; M'. Serg[ius L. f. L. n.] Fidenas); Chr. 354 (Maluginense et Cicurino III); Degrassi 28f., 98, 380f. They captured Artena from the Volscians and continued the siege of Veii (Liv. 4.61.5-11). Colonized Velitrae (Diod. 14.34.7). On Valerius, see Münzer, Gent. Val. 36, no. 5. (Broughton MRR I)
  • Tribunus Militum Consulari Potestate 401 (Broughton MRR I) Expand
    • The names are preserved entire as above in Fast. Cap. except [M.F]urius etc., [Cn. C]ornelius, etc., [L. Vale]rius, etc. On the mark of iteration after Camillus' name in Livy, see 403, note 1. M'. Aemilius, as usual, appears in Livy as M., and his cognomen as Mamercus (see 410). Iterum in Livy after Cossus' name is an error (see 406 and 404). As in 404, Livy has the praenomen C. for Fabius (see Conway and Walters ad loc.). In the name of Iulius the Iulus of Fast. Cap. and Livy's Tullus probably stand for an earlier Iullus (see 489, note 1). Diod. omits Valerius, but the following apocryphal name is found in F: {Gr}. (Broughton MRR I)
    • Liv. 5.10.1; Diod. 14.44.1; Fast. Cap. (see note 1); Chr. 354 (Camello et Iulo); Degrassi 28f., 98, 382f. Valerius held command against the{84} Volscians at Anxur (Liv. 5.10.2, and 12.6), Furius against Falerii (5.12.5), Aemilius at Veii (5.12.4), and Cornelius against Capena (5.12.5). On Valerius, see Münzer, Gent. Val. 35, no. 4. (Broughton MRR I)
  • Legatus (Ambassador)? 398 Achaea (Broughton MRR I) Expand
    • Sent to Delphi to consult Apollo regarding the portentous rise in the Alban lake (Plut. Cam. 4.4, who gives the names; cf. Liv. 5.15-16; Dion. Hal. 12.10 (11)). On L. Valerius, see above; on C. Valerius, see Münzer, Gent. Val. 36, no. 5. (Broughton MRR I)
  • Legatus (Ambassador)? 397 Achaea (Broughton MRR I) Expand
    • Liv. 5.16.8-11. See 398 (Broughton MRR I)
  • Tribunus Militum Consulari Potestate 395 (Broughton MRR I) Expand
    • The names are preserved as follows in Fast. Cap.: [- - - -] Co[s]sus; [- - - -] Scipio; [- - -Ambu]stus III; L. Fu[rius- - - -]. The names of the two Cornelii have been confused in the Mss of Diod., see Degrassi 385. On Scipio, see 394, note 1. K. Fabius is listed in Livy as iterum but in Fast. Cap. as III: see 404 and 401. (Broughton MRR I)
    • Liv. 5.24.1; Diod. 14.94.1; Fast. Cap. (see note 1); Chr. 354 (Cosso et Medulliano); Degrassi 30f., 99, 384f. Valerius and Servilius made Capena sue for peace (Liv. 5.24.3), while the two Cornelii ravaged Faliscan territory (Liv. 5.24.2-3; cf. Diod. 14.96.5). On Valerius, see Münzer, Gent. Val. 49, no. 47. (Broughton MRR I)
  • Legatus (Ambassador) 391 Etruria (Broughton MRR I) Expand
    • On the confusions and falsifications in the tradition regarding the three Fabii, who were sent on this embassy and immediately afterward elected Military Tribunes for 390, see Münzer, RE no. 48, and col. 1750f. (Broughton MRR I)
    • Sent to deal with the Gauls when Clusium requested aid, but by their unneutral conduct provoked the Gauls to attack Rome (Liv. 5.35.4-36.10; Diod. 14.113.4-8; Dion. Hal. 13.12; Quintil. Inst. Or. 3.8.19; Plut. Cam. 17-18; Num. 12.6-9; Flor. 1.13.6; Dio fr. 25; Auct. Vir. Ill. 23; Oros. 2.19.5-6; Zon. 7.23). (Broughton MRR I)
  • Tribunus Militum Consulari Potestate 390 (Broughton MRR I) Expand
    • On the names and authenticity of K. and Num. Fabius, see 391, note 2, and references cited there. Servilius Fidenas is identified by the adverb quartum in Livy. For Cornelius Livy has Servilius but the cognomen and the name Cornelius in Diod. impose the correction. The identification of Longus and Fabius in CIL 6.37161- ILS 9338,2 is probable but not certain, and makes the date of inauguration of the priest in question uncertain. See note 4. (Broughton MRR I)
    • Liv. 5.36.12; Diod. 14.110.1; 15.20.1; Fast. Cap. ([Q. Fabi]us M. f. Q. [- - - -]); CIL 6.37161 ([- - - -] T. f. Longo, Q. [Fabio- - -]); Chr. 354 (Longo et Ambusto); Degrassi 30f., 100, 388f. Sulpicius held command{95} at the Allia (Cass. Hem. fr. 20 Peter, and Cn. Gellius, fr. 25 Peter; Gell. 5.17.2, from Verr. Flacc.; Liv. 6.1.12), and on the Capitol (Liv. 5.47.9, and 48.8; Plut. Cam. 28.4) against the Gauls. (Broughton MRR I)
    • The following additional apocryphal names appear in Ms F of Diod.: {Gr}, 14.110; {Gr}, 15.20. (Broughton MRR I)