AQUI0062 C. Aquillius (8) (Tuscus)?


  • Patrician


  • Consul 487 (Broughton MRR I) Expand
    • The cognomina of these Consuls are known only from the late chronographers who nearly always follow the tradition of the Fast. Cap. I have tentatively assigned Sabinus to Sicinius and Tuscus to Aquillius as above because the order of the Consuls in other passages of Dion. Hal. agrees more frequently with that in Fast. Cap. Livy places Sicinius first. Dion. Hal. and Cassiod. give the name as Siccius, but Sicinius is clear in Livy and Festus. It is probable however that Siccius stood in Fast. Cap. (Degrassi 89, 537; Klotz, Klio 33 [1940] 176) (Broughton MRR I)
    • Liv. 2.40.14; Dion. Hal. 8.64.1. and 67.9; 10.36.4 and 9; Fest. 180 L (reading T. Sicinius); Chr. 354 (Tusco et Sabino), so also Fast. Hyd.; Chr. Pasc. ({Gr}); Cassiod.; Degrassi 89, 354f. Sicinius fought the Volsci and Aquillius the Hernici (Liv. 2.40.14; Dion. Hal. 8.65.1-67.9). Sicinius celebrated a triumph and Aquillius an ovatio (Dion. Hal. 6.67.9; Degrassi 536f.). (Broughton MRR I)
  • Triumphator 487 (Rich 2014) Expand
    • Ovation de Herniceis. MRR I.19-20, Itgenshorst p. 262, Rich no. 26. (Rich 2014)