CORN0628 L. Cornelius (343) Cn. f. Scipio Barbatus


  • Patrician


grandson of
L. Cornelius (322) P. f. Scipio (cos. 350) (RE)
son of
? Cn. Cornelius (cf. 343) Scipio (father of? L. Cornelius (343) Cn. f. Scipio Barbatus (cos. 298)) (RE)
father of
Cn. Cornelius (341) L. f. Cn. n. Scipio Asina (cos. 260) (RE)
L. Cornelius (323) L. f. Cn. n. Scipio (cos. 259) (RE)


  • Aedilis Curulis before 300 (Broughton MRR I) Expand
    • CIL 1 .2.7 (ILS 1). Seidel (14) places him in 301, an odd numbered year before his consulate. As the Aediles of 299 are known, 301 is the latest possible date. (Broughton MRR I)
  • Consul 298 (Broughton MRR I) Expand
    • Liv. 10.11.10; Act. Tr. (on Fulvius); Chr. 354 (Scipione et Centumalo) Fast. Hyd. (Scipione et Maximo), so also Chr. Pasc.; Cassiod.; Degrassi 38f., 111, 424f. According to Livy, Scipio won a victory in Etruria (10.12.3-8), but according to the Elogium (CIL 1 , 2.7; ILS 1) he captured Taurasia and Cisauna of Samnium and subdued Lucania. 1 According to Act. Tr., Fulvius was victorious in Etruria and Samnium but Livy (10.12.3 and 9, and 13.1) records only that he took Bovianum and Aufidena of Samnium, and celebrated a triumph (Degrassi 72f., 543). Frontinus (Str. 1.6.1-2, and 11.2) takes him to Lucania. (Broughton MRR I)
    • Cos. 298. See MRR 1.174. According to A. La Regina the Lucanians he subdued were a northern group who inhabited the Sangro valley and were later forgotten (Dial. di ArcheoL 2, 1968, 173-190). On Barbatus (ILLRP 309) and the other inscriptions from the Tomb of the Scipios with the names of Scipios who were magistrates, and members of their families, see ILLRP nos. 310-317. See also A. La Regina, above; F. Zevi, Stud. Misc. 15, 1969-70, 69ff.; F. Coarelli, Dial. di Archeol. 6, 1972, 36-106.[71] (Broughton MRR III)
  • Legatus (Lieutenant) 297 Samnium (Broughton MRR I) Expand
    • Served under Rullianus in Samnium (Liv. 10.14.14). (Broughton MRR I)
  • Legatus (Lieutenant)? 295 Etruria, Umbria (Broughton MRR I) Expand
    • See Promagistrates. (Broughton MRR I)
  • Propraetor 295 Etruria (Broughton MRR I) Expand
    • Pro praetore in Fabius' absence from camp (Liv. 10.25.11, and 26.12). Was defeated there (10.26.8-12), but served, perhaps as Legate, under Fabius at Sentinum (10.29.5). (Broughton MRR I)
  • Legatus (Lieutenant) 293 Samnium (Broughton MRR I) Expand
    • Commanded the left wing under Papirius at Aquilonia (Liv. 10.40.7, and 41.9-14). (Broughton MRR I)
  • Censor? 280 (Broughton MRR I) Expand
    • The Elogium gives no clue to the date of Scipio's censorship, and Festus as restored is insecure evidence. Scipio could have been the unknown patrician colleague of Caedicius in 283. If so, Fabius Gurges (suggested here in CIL) could have been Censor in either 289 or 280. See 289, Censors; Degrassi, 113. (Broughton MRR I)
    • Elog., CIL 1 .2.7; ILS 1; Fest. 237 M- 270 L (as restored by De Boor, Fast. Cens. 77f.: <...Domitius Corne>liusque <censores fecerunt P. Valerio Ti.> Corun<canio cos...>). (Broughton MRR I)