POMP0906 -. Pomponius (not in RE?)


  • Propraetor 214 Campania (Broughton MRR I) Expand
    • Livy (24.17.2) mentions a Pomponius, Propraetor in the camp above Suessula, who had been summoned to Nola. This may have been the M. Pomponius whose command in Gaul had been prorogued for 214 (see above; cf. D.- G. 5.4, note 9) but who was temporarily absent from his province (Weissenborn on Liv. 24.17.2). A permanent transfer of that commander to Suessula (D.- G. 5.4, note 9) would necessitate changing Liv. 24.44.3 to read that Fulvius took over the troops of Pomponius at Suessula and Sempronius led the legiones urbanae to Gaul. Clearly it was better strategy to send these legions made up of the newest recruits to Suessula for garrison duty (cf. Steinwender{262} Philologus 39 [1880] 527-540) rather than lead them still inexperienced against the hostile Gauls. The Propraetor at Suessula and Nola may have had no connection with the Propraetor in Gaul (D.- G. 3.4, note 9), or possibly Liv. 24.17.2 is to be completely rejected as inaccurate and an apparent doublet of a Roman victory at Nola. See note 5 below. (Broughton MRR I)
    • Propraetor in the camp above Suessula when summoned to reinforce Marcellus at Nola (Liv. 24.17.2; see 217, note 4). (Broughton MRR I)